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CAESA® Composites Suite

The main focus of the CAESA® Composites Suite is the automated and optimized generation of courses and layup programs for tows and tapes utilizing AFP and ATL technologies. The modules also provide extensive features to plan, visualize and analyse the laying of CFRP prepreg material. The software efficiently generates reliable NC programs for an Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) or Automated Tape Laying (ATL) manufacturing system.

TapeStation (TS)

The TS module facilitates a continuous process chain and closes the gap between part design and the manufacturing process. Key features include:

  • Adaptability (machine concepts, post processors)
  • Modular architecture
  • Extensibility
  • Product and process evaluation functionality

Tailored Wave Laminate (TWL)

The TWL module enables the user to map areas of high curvatures of the target geometry of the layup tooling. This supports the downstream forming process and increases the part quality.

Customized Coverage Generation (CCG)

The CCG increases the quality of the layup processes and this the quality of the part. Evaluating the process needs the following requirements:

  • Gap management (ply- and laminate-based)
  • Course Steering
  • Additional end-user specific requirements

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 The Configuration of the TS is based on scenarios and directly corresponds to the end-user specific requirements. This is specifically divided into three main areas known as the PPR (Product Process Resources)


The product specifies the machine independent layup of the laminate.
Key features include:

  • 2D and 3D coverage calculation
  • Boundary and surface definition / import
  • Path generation for single tows, course and tapes
  • Product evaluation
  • Supported import formats include XAML and DXF


The process links the programmed product with the manufacturing equipment.
Key features include:

  • Simple product alignment in the manufacturing cell or machine
  • Multiple export formats (Sinumerik 840D sl, KRL, KUKA.CNC, ABB Rapid, etc)
  • Visualization of the layup process
  • Multiple playback options


Resources specify the manufacturing system and material model.
Key features include:

  • Implementation of different kinematics (Industrial robots, Machining centres, External axes)
  • Generation of multiple material models
  • Import and visualization of 3D models (Machine, End-effector, Manufacturing cell)


Global Advantages

  • Minimization of set-up time and optimization loops
  • Reduction of manufacturing cost in serial and batch production
  • Consistency of product development and manufacturing process
  • Flexibility in the processing of different materials
  • Optimization of product and process

Specific Advantages

  • Reduction in planning and production time
  • Continuous process chain from product layout to manufacturing process
  • Increase of resource and system efficiency
  • Increased production throughput and quality through early error detection
  • Automatic generation of efficient and reliable NC programs
  • Consideration of machine specific parameters
  • Monitoring of process relevant parameters
  • Emulation of the layup process
  • Modular and customizable software architecture


  • Broetje Automation
  • IFW Hannover

Use Cases

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Here the TS is adapted with respect to fast generation of manufacturing programs and almost no customizing is required for the resources. This minimizes the set-up time for different parts (batch production) and provides comfortable programming environment.

Machine Manufacturer

The machine manufacturer is provided with the tools to verify machine concepts and layup strategies. The software can be extended with new kinematic models and post processors in order to evaluate the equipment.

Institutes and Research Facility

One of the main requirements in research is the generation of manufacturing programs with emphasis on studied effects. Another is to verify new concepts with respect to machine models, process surveillance, or part models.

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